Vibrators for first comers

For the beginning a little known fact, around two thirds of all women experience orgasm through clitoral stimulation, and only one third through penetration alone. So when you go out in a hunt for a sex toy that will guarantee you a wild orgasm for the first time you should pick vibrator over a dildo. Here are some of the best vibrators you can pick for your first time shopping. This list presents an advice for those that are buying their first sex toys, your opinion may differ and that is perfectly normal. Also this list is subjective, but it involves issues like speed, material, price etc.

First vibrator type I would recommend for your first buy would be Bullet and egg vibrator. The most important thing about this type of vibrator is that they are small and can be quite powerful. They can be found in many different shapes and are discrete and small.

Price plays an important role in you first buy and these vibrators are cheap, they can be found with prices under five dollars. They can be found with multiple speed settings  and are simple for use. Out of this type of vibrators I would choose 5 function Pink Bullet that comes with controller. It is affordable and it won’t hurt you budget and it will give you many hours of pure ecstasy.

Next vibrator type belongs to a group of small vibrators and are called Pocket Rockets. As bullet and egg vibrators they are small, discrete and quite simple to use. They are cheap, a lot of them can be cost under ten bucks. These have only one speed which is enough for some. But only one speed setting can get boring in short time, so you should search for pocket rockets with multiple speed settings. With added options, price rises, so you won’t find this kind under 30 dollars, but they are worth it. Out of this kind of vibrators Pocket Rocket Plus is what I recommend.

Third type of vibrators for beginners is:  body massagers. Well, the best of one (and the strongest ) of those is The Hitachi Magic Wand, but it is far too powerful for first timers. Out of other magic wands there is one that has multiple speed settings, is not loud and is affordable (with price of only 30 dollars ). Name of this massager is mini Wand Massager, but it is more known as Fairy Wand. So before tasting monsters like Hitachi you should get familiar with the battleground with Fairy Wand which is also my recommendation to you.

These three types cover all that there is on the market for beginners. You can find many other types out there but none of them is, in my personal opinion, good for beginners. Most of those are expensive and more than often they lack power or the options some of cheaper products offer. You can find g-spot vibes, but beginners will find hard time in using them for the intended purpose, while on the other hand phallic shaped vibes are more focused on penetration rather than stimulation.